Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The cutest thing ever, I want one! xxxxxxx




My current and forever favourite item of clothing, is my fairground bunny got nailed wrap. The best thing for winter and to cuddle up with when your all alone. xxxx

The farm

My favourite place in the world is my best friend's farm in Yallingup. Its the most beautiful property out in the bush yet close to town. We go there to get away from  drama. We just ride the horses, sit, drink tea, go on the quad bike, talk and watch movies, it's the best thing ever! Here are my favourite snaps over the past year.  

This is my super cute boyfriend Keesh in a recent shoot we did, as you can see he is quite the model... 


My year 12 ball is coming up, and I plan to get my ball dress made in Bali, just so my worst night mare doesn't come true of someone else having my dress. So heres a few ideas, feel free to help me out! xx


I have a little album on my iphoto called perfect, here are just a few snaps !

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Dressing up!

My recent school dinner dance, was a great night out! My dress is the forever popular One Teaspoon 'Kiss of Death' dress. xxxx

Bali Bali

Just a couple of snaps from my recent trip to Bali with my mum ! back there in about a month or so after exams, cant wait ! xx